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Extra Strong Narrow Door Chain

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MAX6MUM SECURITY extra strong narrow door chain improves your overall door security!

Improving your door security requires protection not only against break-ins whilst you are are away, but also protection from intruders knocking at your door, and improving your security to protect you from this doesn't have to be expensive! Beautifully developed not only to look stylish on your door but to ensure the best possible front door security, the quality narrow door chain provides everything a door chain should do:


Crime rates are gradually rising in the UK and criminals are getting more and more creative. They pose as postmen, charity workers or simply someone looking for directions, and once you open your door to them they can easily push their way through. Situations like this never end well and usually someone gets hurt. You can prevent it by installing this very simple device!

Unlike other chains that break at the slightest strain, what makes the extra strong high security narrow door chain from MAX6MUM SECURITY the ideal choice for your front door is that the door chain is entirely made of steel, and each link is individually soldered and welded, providing additional strength and resilience to forced entry. This innovative design and quality means that the door chain can withstand over 100kg of breaking force!


Fitting a high quality narrow door chain is ideal for the elderly as they are generally most targeted by intruders of this kind. In addition, if you have small children the chain can double as keeping young children from leaving the home unnoticed through an easy to open door, all the while protecting them should they reach the door before you and open it to a stranger!

Each sturdy MAX6MUM SECURITY door chain comes with all necessary parts and fitting screws, and easy to follow step by step instructions so you will be able to install the door chain yourself without the help from a 3rd party!

  • Consists of three parts; the chain, the holder and the receiving plate
  • Exceeds breaking force of 200Nm
  • Extra strong individually welded links
  • Made from steel
  • Fits any door
  • Up to a 2 year guarantee

The extra strong high security door chain consists of 3 parts: The chain, the holder and the receiving plate (with the cut out in its centre). Fixing screws are also supplied in the pack.

1. The chain and holder are to be fixed to the side of the doorframe. You should put the chain at a height that suits you. We would recommend fitting the chain around waist height, so you do not have to bend down when using it.

2. Use the fixing screws to securely fix the chain holder to the door frame. The holder should be pointing upwards with the door chain ring fixed into the indentation.

NB - If fixing into wooden frame then you may find it slightly easier to make a small pilot hole first. If fixing into plastic do not make a pilot hole. You can make an indent to start the screws grabbing.

3. Line the receiver plate with the edge of the door and the holding plate. The cut in the holding plate is to be facing the edge of the door.

4. Fix the receiver plate using the remaining screws and the same procedure as above.


In the middle of the door chain you will find a flat plate. The flat plate goes into the slot in the receiving plate. Make sure the chain fits correctly and slides easily.


When someone approaches your door, put the flat plate into the receiving plate. This will enable you to open the door a few inches to see who is at the door.


Your door chain should give you years of trouble free use. However, once a year clean the chain with a mild soap solution diluted in water. Dry off the chain with a lint free cloth.