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Inexpensive and Easy to Fit Solutions to Upgrade Your Current Home Security Within Seconds!

And as Sean Says, “MAX6MUM SECURITY products are right up my street!”

The MAX6MUM SECURITY high quality home security solutions are developed to help every homeowner feel safer and more secure in their home. Striving to provide both effective and durable home security products at prices that are affordable for every household, we innovate and re-develop standard window and door security hardware with numerous additional security features which help prevent entry by means of the most commonly used techniques by burglars and intruders.

MAX6 features numerous door security options which will not only help prevent intruders entering your home but also help you have more control of who is allowed in your home. With euro cylinders and mortice locks developed with numerous added security features to prevent ‘lock bumping’, ‘lock snapping’, picking, and other commonly used techniques even the most determined burglar will be discouraged. High security front door handles not only to look professional and attractive on your door, but they also help to stop advanced attack methods used by burglars in the community today!

In addition to this we also offer numerous other door hardware and accessory options such as high security door chains, door guards, door viewers, and innovative Victorian urn door knockers with Patented self-adhesive technology!

In order to make your home easy to find, make the job of the postal service’s slightly easier and prevent lock mail, as well as protect your post from being stolen from the letterbox, we have durable self adhesive  front door numbers and letters as well as our fantastic anti-vandal letter boxes. The letterplates have numerous impressive features which help both keep them looking and working like new for longer and protect your post and home.

Aside from great door security and hardware options MAX6 also focuses on improving your window security and safety both from intruders coming in and children falling out of windows. The ultra secure window locks (sash jammers) are the number one choice for homeowners that want to protect their windows from sash levering, a common technique for breaking into a home through a window. On the other hand the lockable window restrictors limit the opening of your window to under 100mm to help protect your small children from falling out of a window!

MAX6MUM SECURITY is quickly becoming a household name for window and door security. Each product goes through numerous tests to ensure quality, durability, and effectiveness before going on the market. Our goal is to find effective and inexpensive solutions that give homeowners the opportunity to protect their home from intruders and burglars. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a home security system. With several small changes to your door and window security you can easily deter even the most determined criminals.

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