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Bonfire night may be over, but the risk of burglary isn’t!

With the echos of fireworks still ringing in the air and with the dark of night to cover their tracks – burglars are out in force at this time of the year. And we can prove it – here are 20 frightening statistics that will make you think twice about locking up and staying secure this Halloween, Bonfire Night, autumn and well into the winter months.


1) Burglary in the UK is at its peak in autumn.

Dark nights roll in and burglary stats shoot up when autumn hits.

2) Household theft rises by 38% when the clocks go back.

Thieves now have the cover of night to help them hide their criminal activity.

3) Bonfire night is statistically the worst day of the year for burglaries.

As people leave their homes and head to organised events or to celebrations in their own or neighbours gardens, and with the banging of fireworks in the air, it’s the easiest day of the year for a burglar to break into a home without being heard.

4) Burglary and domestic damage increases by 160% in the Halloween period.

It is the one time of a year a masked criminal will easily blend in.

5) 1 in 10 domestic burglaries take place in November.

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6) Last winter saw a 25% rise in burglary claims.

Winter gives thieves plenty of opportunity to commit crime. With Christmas parties to attend, family to visit and shopping trips to be taken, people are away from their homes for longer; and with dark evenings and lights off – it’s easy for robbers to spot who’s out.

7) A burglary happens every 40 seconds.


8) 1 in 5 people admit to leaving their front or back door unlocked when they are out.

All it takes is for one opportunist thief to try your door; or one person to spot you leaving without locking up – don’t take the risk!

9) More than half of people believe their home would be safe if they forgot to lock their door.

It takes just 2 seconds to double check, is it worth risking it all?

10) 25% of Brits admit to having no home security at all.

Many don’t upgrade their home security until they have themselves been a victim – don’t leave it too late! MAX6MUM SECURITY door and window security solutions are a great place to start if you’re looking for affordability, effectiveness and an easy to install solution for home security. Click Here. 

11) 1 in 10 people hide a key outside of their property.

The shed or garage is the most common place – but unfortunately burglars know where to look.

12) 48% of people admit to leaving their windows open even when they aren’t home.

A window should never be left open when you aren’t in your house. But, if you do want to allow some fresh air into your home when you are there, still ensuring it is secure, why not install a MAX6MUM SECURITY window restrictor – letting air in and keeping thieves out!

13) The front door is the most tried route of entry.

It is also the weakest part of your home. If you’re going to upgrade security, this is a good place to start. Our euro cylinder are both secure and affordable, click here. 

14) Forcing the lock is the most common way a potential thief will try and enter a property.


Unlocked doors was second, and barging past someone to get inside was up there too.

As well as upgrading locks why not consider installing a door chain and door viewer and ensure your door helps keep you and your property safe!

15) A domestic burglary costs the average homeowner around £2,178.

That bit spent on new locks, some timers for lamps, a door chain and perhaps additional window security doesn’t seem too bad now, does it?

16) In the last year more than half a million British homes have been broken into.

Most of us think it will never happen to us – perhaps if you had known how many people it does happen to…

17) 21% of people rely on their dog to deter burglars.

Although a barking dog or a ‘Beware of the Dog‘ sign will discourage some, not everyone will be that easy to dissuade. After all, having a pet is also likely to mean you don’t have a security alarm set. The only way to protect your home is to ensure your home security is up to scratch.

18) The average burglar will spend 8-12 minutes inside a home.

That’s all they need.

19) 60% of burglary victims never feel safe in their homes again.

Many even resort to moving house just to feel secure again.

 20) 40% of burglaries happen when a house is empty.

You might not be there to protect your property, but you can still ensure it is protected with our home security range!

If there was ever a time to upgrade your home security then it is now! The MAX6MUM SECURITY range offers high quality, easy to install and affordable solutions for door and window security. Check out our full range here.


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