Where Can Window Restrictors Make a Difference?

Published on 16 March, 2017 | Blog

Where Window Restrictors Can Make a Big Difference

What does a window restrictor do?

Window restrictors restrict the chance of falling from a window without restricting the flow of air into a home. How? Once installed, the restrictor stops the window being opened too far – with a maximum gap of 10cm. Not only is the gap too small for anyone to fall out of the window, but it is also too small for anyone to get in through the window – improving both the overall security of a home and safety of those inside.

Restrictors work by being fitted to both the window frame and the leaf of the part of the window that opens; connecting the two parts of the window with a strong steel cable, restricting how far it can open.

The steel cable is very strong, with testing proving that the restrictors can withstand forces of over 1000N (twice the industry standard) and in some cases well over 2500N (255kg) when the cable is locked into its locking system. This makes the cable more than sturdy enough to hold the weight of a child, and the steel cord is extremely difficult to cut or break either by an intruder or by an inquisitive child.

Where can they make a big difference?

The Home:

Safety and security is important in any home. From ensuring everyone is safe from everyday household hazards on the inside, to defending against anyone trying to get into a property from the outside – precautions must be taken.

In any home where children might be running, playing or sleeping, it’s important to protect them from everyday hazards. Around 4,000 children a year fall from windows, and the dangers of having an open or unsecure window cannot be ignored. Window restrictors can be installed to halt that hazard, and can be especially useful in kid’s bedrooms or playrooms where they might be left unattended.



People go on holiday to relax, enjoy themselves and take a break from their everyday life, worries and routine. With that said, it’s important they feel safe and secure in their chosen hotel or resort, and the establishment has a duty to their guests to ensure their safety, security and overall pleasure.

Window security is often overlooked, but by adding window restrictors, guests will be able to leave children unattended even when windows are open and unlocked. This is especially vital on high rise hotels, and every window above the ground floor should be fitted with a window restrictor!



Taking the very best care of patients comes down to more than just medical attention, it’s also about ensuring they have a secure place to come and get better. Children, the elderly and even those with mental health issues may need extra window security to help keep them safe.

Window restrictors are great at stopping windows being opened too far – and in turn from anyone getting out of one or falling. They can withstand a great deal of force and weight and will give hospital staff that added peace of mind.



From the moment a child begins to crawl the explorer inside them is brought to life. It is very easy for a child to climb up to a window to see what is outside, and if the window it ajar and they lean on the window it is very easy for them to fall out. With a window restrictor installed, a child can be left to play with minders and staff having full peace of mind that they are perfectly safe. Lockable window restrictors can also be installed on fire escape windows, and can be unlocked if access is needed.

Care Homes:

care homes

Care homes are there for the elderly and vulnerable, and it is essential that residents are protected from falling out of a window. Window restrictors can be used on open windows, allowing air to freely flow in and circulate a room; but not allowing it to be opened too far that someone can fall out of it. Lockable options mean a window can still be used as a fire escape also.

University Accommodation:


Many students attend college and university not only for the education, but also the social life. After a few drinks, safety and security is put to the back of people’s minds and is no longer a priority. At the time students may think it is a good idea to mess about near a window, and it is very easy for a window to fly open and someone to fall out if they lean or fall in to it. Window restrictors are essential to stop this happening.



At school, safety is not always a students first priority, especially if they are showing off to friends by climbing out of a window. It is very easy for them to slip and fall and this could lead to very serious accidents. As window restrictors have been designed specifically to withstand great forces, they can be installed to guarantee the well-being of children as they go about their day in schools.

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