Defeat Doorstep Crime with MAX6MUM Security Door Chains

Published on 6 April, 2017 | Blog

Defeat Doorstep Crime with (2)

What is Doorstep Crime?

Doorstep crime has become a predominant way of home intrusion. It’s no longer the case that thieves are masked with balaclavas and come armed with baseball bats –they come in all shapes and sizes. Why would a criminal bother trying to break into a home when they can just knock and be invited in? Or if you are perfectly willing to open your door and make it easy for them to barge past?

Whether it is rogue traders, cold callers, bogus officials or phoney authority figures; the instigators of doorstep crime can come in all disguises and masquerades.

Why a Door Chain Can Help 

By installing a door chain it is possible communicate with those who call without letting them in –  you should never feel pressured to let stranger into your home. The protection of a door chain not only means you can speak to a caller through the door and find out who they are before opening your home up them completely, but it makes it very difficult for them to barge through the door as soon as it’s unlocked.



Each link has been individually, machine welded to create an extra strong chain, perfectly capable of defending against forced entry. It is the fact that it is made with high grade stainless steel that helps it achieve its strength, and as a result is able to exceed a breaking force of 2KN (200Kg). It is made with a high grade stainless steel which also makes it very difficult to cut with tools and the chain will not break under pressure.

The product has been tested both in house and by the Secured by Design Police initiative – so the results can be relied on! The product was put through tests of both ‘attack mode’ and ‘abuse mode.’ If a chain is still intact after these tests have been carried out then it will pas – which the MAX6MUM SECURITY chain did!

The test for abuse mode is designed to replicate the actions of someone repeatedly opening and closing a door with some force. Firstly, the door chain is fitted as per the instructions of the manufacturer; it is then subjected to a force of 100N. This is repeated 200 times to see if it can withstand the force without the door opening or the chain breaking. Further to this, the chain must allow the door to close again sufficiently afterwards.

Attack mode is supposed to replicate quite a strong person shoulder barging or kicking into a door which has the chain installed. To test this safely a 30 kg sandbag is hung from the door chain to see if it can withstand the force. Our chain not only passed this test easily but was able to withstand forces more than twice the testing standard.

What is Secured by Design? 

Untitled design (11)

Secured by Design is the police initiative which aims to tackle burglary and criminal damage with improved home security.The Association of Chief Police Officers specify products which they believe have been ‘designed for security.’ They work alongside testing centres and other door hardware accreditation bodies to ensure the products they are certifying prove they are fit for purpose. They need to show they are of a high standard and display evidence of their effectiveness in preventing or reducing the risk of crime – usually by resistance of physical attack – to get the approval.

For more information on MAX6 SBD Door chains click here.

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