Don’t Let Spring Evenings Bring Security to a Stand Still

Published on 30 March, 2017 | Uncategorized

Spring Has Sprung (1)

The clocks have come forward, the hum of lawn mowers and the smell of fresh grass can be found lingering in the air and golden daffodils have begun to fill fields and gardens once again. And it means only one thing. Spring has sprung into action, and there is nothing but long light spring evenings ahead!

It also means peak burglary season is now behind us, BUT the threat from burglary hasn’t gone all together! With spring comes a whole host of new potential threats and new analysis has actually confirmed that as evenings get lighter, people become far more relaxed about home security – which is exactly what an opportunist thief wants to hear. But here are our ten top tips to get your spring kicked off safely:

1) Don’t Leave Doors Unlocked

open door NO CR

The sun is shining – you’re outside gardening, you’re preparing a BBQ, the kids are in and out playing, you’re sipping beers on your terrace. It’s much easier in spring and summer to leave doors unlocked to get in and out of the house quicker, so you can make the most of the sunshine we are now starting to see. But security must still be considered even when the sun is shining. Leaving doors open and unlocked is very inviting to thieves – especially if you are distracted in the garden or preparing a BBQ.

2) Don’t Leave Windows Open and Unattended

window lock

Now the weather is starting to change, it’s the perfect time to let some fresh air in, get clothes dried or cool down the house on a hot and sunny day. But leaving windows open and unattended is never a good idea without them being secured. Why not get the best of both worlds and install a window restrictor? More info here.

3) Don’t Keep a Key Where it Can be Spotted

key on floor no CR

It’s never a good idea to hide a key outside of a property, but with more and more of the day being taken up with daylight, hiding or retrieving a key is going to be far less conspicuous. Plus if the suns rays hit the keys shiny metal surface, it could give the game away.

4) Lock Bikes, BBQ’S and Lawn Mowers Away After Use

bike 2

You’re making the most of the nice weather with bike rides and gardening, and after a tiring day in the heat, its very easy to leave things out without putting them away. But don’t. Not only are you asking for them to be taken, but your advertising your home as a target, as a thief may well wonder what else your careless about.

5) Don’t Leave Ladders and Tools Lying Around

tools no CR

These kinds of things are used in burglary’s everyday. You might be doing some work outside while you can, but lock everything up again afterwards. You wouldn’t want your own tools being used against your own home.

6) Don’t Post if You are Away on Social Media


Easter, spring, summer in general, people start taking long weekends, camping trips and their annual holidays. It’s lovely to let your family and friends know what a great time your having, but hold off until your home or you may well have an unwelcome guest while your gone.

7) Alert your Neighbours 

neighbourhood NO CR

Gardeners, window cleaners and workmen all seem to come out in summer. Its not unusual to see someone having their roof repaired or garden landscaped. Unfortunately this is a perfect opportunity for a thief to go unnoticed. keep neighbours in the know about any work you might be having done, so they know when someone is working for you or when someone is snooping.

8) Be Careful Who you Talk to 

dog walk

Whether your out in your garden more, taking pets for long strolls or simply in a better mood because of the improved weather, it can be much easier to run into people and getting chatting. But be careful what and who you are disclosing information about your up and coming holiday or new car to.

9) Don’t Leave Valuables on Show 

laptop NO CR

You are more likely to have blinds and curtains open for longer to make the most of the sun. Which means any valuables left on show is more likely to be seen by an opportunist – keep them hidden.

 10) Get Gardening!

gardening no CR

Add noisy gravel to your pathways, trim overgrown bushes and place spotlights on your lawn for better visibility. Plant thorny bushes around your property parameter, put up security cameras and neighbourhood watch signs and have your dog outside barking and playing. Make the most of the sun by getting out and showing burglars why your home isn’t a good target!


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