Door Knockers (Urns)

It’s no secret that a decorative, ornamental door knocker can really improve and enhance the overall appearance of an entrance door!

The exquisite door urns from MAX6 are available with Patented self-adhesive technology or bolt-through fixings and perfectly-matching solid brass nuts and washers. Designed for durability and easy fixing, the MAX6MUM SECURITY Victorian Urn 6 Inch Self Adhesive Door Knocker features Patented and impressive self-adhesive technology, which eliminates the need to drill holes through your door and attach the door knocker using unsightly bolts on the back of your door:


As well as acting as a way to secure the self adhesive door knocker to the door, the self adhesive tape also acts as a water sealant, and prevents water from getting behind the door knocker. This eliminates water damage and rot from water.

The bolt through door urns come with nylon bolts that secure the knocker to the door are flexible and very easy to cut to size depending on your door thickness. Aside from making the job of fitting the door hardware easily, these nylon bolts are ideal because they do not rust or condensate thus allowing your door to look as fantastic as when you first fit the door knocker!

The polished gold, coastal chrome and satin stainless door urns have been developed from 316 grade stainless steel, and is part of the Nanocoast range of products. Each product in the Nanocoast range has been spray tested for 2,000+ hours to ASTM B117 to ensure durability, coming with a LIFETIME guarantee anywhere in the country. These door knockers are ideal for coastal locations, where the salt in the sea air usually pits and corrodes door hardware products made from brass and zinc, and also in locations which are close to highly populated industrial areas!

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