Door Security

Improving front door security requires protection not only against break-ins whilst you are away but also protection from intruders knocking at the door!

Two of the most popular products for front door security are the MAX6 Sliding Door Chain and also the Narrow Door Chain, which are made from high grade steel and can exceed a breaking force of 200Nm as a result of each link in the door chain being individually soldered! The extra strong MAX6 door guards also allow the homeowner to identify and communicate with unknown visitors and deter forced entry and are ideal for people with limited hand movement or arthritis as there is no chain to deal with, just a solid locking bar.

The MAX6 Rack Bolt Set is an ideal safety precaution if your customers have small children in the house and you want to protect them from leaving the home undetected.

Key Fishing or Letterplate Fishing is a technique burglars use to get hold of keys, purse, handbags and more without even having to enter a property! They simply push open the letterbox flaps and use a long hooked rod, similar to a fishing rod, to ´fish´ for keys and handbags. Meaning they can then use the keys to just walk into a property and help themselves to anything they want before driving off in the homeowner’s car! That is why the MAX6 Letterplate Restrictor Shrouds are perfect to stop hands getting through the letterbox and either hooking keys or opening the lock. The MAX6 Security Mail Bags are developed to ensure easier retrieval of post, improve home security in the UK by preventing manipulation of the door lock through the post opening and also draft proofing the home.

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