Episode 1: WINDOW SAFETY: New Storybook teaches Child Safety

Published on 19 January, 2018 | Blog

Here at Max6mum Security we are concerned with more than just securing your homes – We are also concerned with securing the safety of your children!

Our first storybook – Episode 1: WINDOW SAFETY! – from our Super Safety Series is available now.

window safety front cover

This educational storybook from our home safety series teaches children of all ages about the  importance of staying safe around windows.

  The storybook features Max the superhero, along with a host of other witty characters to perfectly entertain and illustrate the dangers children could face around open windows.

Here is what you can expect to see:

MAX6MUM Window Saftey series image

max6 window saftey image 2

max6 window saftey image 3

Teach your children the importance of staying safe around windows with the seriously funny book that doesn’t take learning about safety too seriously!

Order your copy of Episode 1: WINDOW SAFETY! Storybook here

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