MAX6 High Security Front Door Handle

Features Include:

1 Hour Fire Rated
High quality, ergonomically designed handle
Available in a 219mm short backplate or a 243mm long backplate
2* Kitemarked and Secured by Design
Anti drill resistance with integrated cylinder guard
Attack Resistance and easy fitting with self adhesive tabs
Water penetration resistance aided by the self adhesive tabs
Cylinder and handle snapping protection
Highly durable

FR60 small

The MAX6MUM SECURITY high security front door handle has been developed not only to look professional and attractive on your door, but they also help to stop advanced attack methods used by burglars in the community today!

Not only has this high security front door handle been awarded ‘Secured by Design’ – the Police preferred specification, it has also passed extensive testing from BSi Kitemark, and achieved a TS007:2012 2 star Kitemark rating!


What Size Handle Do I Need?

The door handle have been ergonomically designed to leave your door with a smooth, clean and modern finish. They are available in 2 different size backplates (219mm and 243mm), depending on what locking system your door uses. To know what size your backplate is, have a look at your current door handle and compare to below:

Short Backplate:

short backplate handle

Long Backplate:

long backplate handle

The MAX6MUM SECURITY high security front door handle comes with many security features to help protect your home:

Integrated Cylinder Guard:

The MAX6MUM SECURITY high security front door handles feature an innovative integrated cylinder guard which ensures that the most common break-in method, lock snapping, is prevented. Lock snapping occurs when a burglar can gain access to your euro cylinder by getting hold of your euro cylinder with pliars and snapping at it’s weakest point – usually the central screw holes. The front door handle protects the cylinder, and conceals the chamber so no pliars can grab the cylinder. Protecting the chamber also helps to prevent against cylinder drilling, as the pins in the cylinder cannot be drilled:


Easy Fitting and Attack Resistance

The self adhesive backing tabs are featured on both the internal and external handle adding to the attack resistance, and also helping to assist easy fitting.

Water Penetration Resistance

The self-adhesive tabs also aid in preventing water from penetrating between the door and handle, thus preventing corrosion, discoloration, and premature aging.

Cylinder and Handle Snapping Protection

Once fitted onto the door, the door handle is developed so as to help protect from the most common break in methods, cylinder snapping and handle snapping.

nanocoast logo

Polished gold, polished chrome and satin stainless front door handles have been developed from 316 grade stainless steel, and is part of the Nanocoast range of products. Each product in the Nanocoast range has been spray tested for 2,000+ hours to ASTM B117 to ensure durability, coming with a LIFETIME guarantee anywhere in the country. This door handle is ideal for coastal locations, where the salt in the sea air usually pits and corrodes door hardware products made from brass and zinc, and also in locations which are close to highly populated industrial areas!

The MAX6MUM SECURITY front door handles are a fantastic option if you want to upgrade your front door security. It is highly recommended that you combine the 2* Kitemarked high security front door handles with the MAX6MUM SECURITY 1* Kitemarked Euro cylinders, to offer you extra protection!


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