Keep thieves at bay during the lighter nights!

Published on 12 June, 2017 | Blog

Lighter evenings are upon us, and with the summer months looming, it’s time to kick-start the barbeque season, do a spot of gardening and spend some well needed time outdoors. But as temperatures get warmer, it’s all too common for burglars to take advantage of open windows and doors.

Here at Max6mum Security, our main concern is to make sure you and your family feel safe at home, which is why we constantly strive to offer only the best, high quality security products.

Taking even the smallest steps can make a difference in keeping your home safe. Let’s take a look at some security measures you should consider.

1. Lock out unwelcomed guests

gravel path no CR

It’s all too easy to pop out in the garden and forget to lock your doors. This probably sounds like we’re stating the obvious, but a burglar will look for the quickest and easiest way to enter and leave your home – and an unlocked door will provide just that.

Whether you plan to relax in the garden or simply nip out to speak to your neighbour, lock up to avoid leaving your home vulnerable to intruders.

2. Pay attention to your window security


Windows can be a burglar’s perfect route into your home, yet this is often overlooked. The great news is that there are many affordable high security solutions that will enhance your window security.

The MAX6 Window Lock (Sash Jammer) is a quick and low cost addition to home security.When placed over the window frame, it’s designed to prevent intruders from forcing open the window or door by the levering of the window sash or door leaf. For more information about the Max6 Window Lock,  head here.

3. Upgrade your lock

Keys to your own home

Often, locks are the easiest way for burglars to gain entry. With this in mind, it’s important to check for any weaknesses in your home security. Having a vulnerable cylinder can mean that with enough force, the lock could be snapped.

Our 1 star BSi Kitemarked anti drill and anti bump cylinders come with high quality security features that defend against common lock breaking techniques –  Find out more here.

4. Don’t draw attention

lawn-mower 2

It’s all too easy to leave outdoor tools lying around, especially after a long hard day in the garden – but this can provide the perfect target for opportunist thieves. Be sure to securely lock away outdoor equipment in a shed or garage.

In the same way, it’s important to make your home less appealing to a would-be thief. For many, the lighter nights tend to mean that you spend less time in your home – giving a burglar the perfect opportunity to strike. Hide all your valuables, including your keys, to avoid tempting opportunistic thieves. It could be a good idea to draw your curtains or blinds.

5. Take a look at your door hardware

door chain on

It’s not always the case that thieves are masked with balaclavas. They will try a number of methods to gain entry to your home, including cold calling. Doorstep crime involves fraudsters knocking at your door in the attempt to scam you. And with the lighter nights, you might be more willing to open your front door.

However, opening your door to rouge traders or bogus officials makes it easy for them to barge past you and enter your home.

The protection of a door viewer and door chain not means you will have the peace of mind of knowing who is on the other side of your door, but adding a door chain makes it more difficult for intruders to forcibly enter your home once the door has been opened.

For more information on MAX6 door chains and door viewers, click here.

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