MAX6 3 Inch Polished Gold Self Adhesive Front Door Number

Features Include:

1 Hour Fire Rated
3 inches in height
Classic Times Roman font
Self adhesive fixing means there are no markings on the door caused by screws
Extra strong industrial closed cell foam tape used to secure number to the door
The super strong waterproof covering stops water getting behind the number and prevents rusting
Door number can be removed if necessary with no damage to the door
Can be fitted to any wall or surface

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Make your property stand out with a MAX6 Self Adhesive Polished Gold Front Door Number

Polished gold finishes have been developed from 316 grade stainless steel, and is part of the Nanocoast range of products. Each product in the Nanocoast range has been spray tested for 2,000+ hours to ASTM B117 to ensure durability, coming with a LIFETIME guarantee anywhere in the country. This front door number is ideal for coastal locations, where the salt in the sea air usually pits and corrodes door hardware products made from brass and zinc, and also in locations which are close to highly populated industrial areas!

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If you need a front door number that can stand up to the elements and look great on your front door or wall then a MAX6 Self Adhesive Polished Gold Front Door Number 0 is the one for you. This bright front door number ensures your house number is visible at all times, making it easier for visitors, the postal services and the emergency services to find you!

The Self Adhesive Polished Gold Front Door Number is 3 inches in height. They have a super strong, waterproof adhesive covering; so fixing a door number 0 has never been easier. They also give ultimate durability and long life.

Each front door number is secured to the door using industrial closed cell tape. This is watertight, meaning it prevents water from entering and causing the numeral to rust, and this fixing leaves no marks on your door, making it perfect to use if you are in rented accommodation.

self adhesive number

 The front door number can be fitted to your door in minutes and it comes with full step by step fitting instructions!

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