MAX6MUM SECURITY Launches MAX6.TV: The New Channel for Child Safety

Published on 10 March, 2017 | Blog

MAX6.TV is now live!

Here at Max6mum Security we are concerned with more than just securing your homes. We are also concerned with securing the safety of your families – including your kids!

That’s why we have launched MAX6.TV. The new platform for child safety around the home. Over the coming months we will be releasing videos, aimed at children teaching them how to stay safe in and around the home, and our pilot episode is now LIVE!

Window Safety is witty and wonderfully educational! The short animation, which shows silly ways in which a child can fall from a window, perfectly illustrates what kids should not be doing around them.

The new Super Safety series, which features our very own mascot, Max the Superhero, will not only entertain, but will inform your kids! And with around 4,000 children up to the age of 15 falling from windows every year, it’s a very important message to be made!

Here is what you can expect to see:

super safty 4

super safety 4.1

Simple messages like, don’t hold things out of windows.

ss 8

ss 8.1

ss 8.2

And watch out when playing around near open windows.

The most important message of all is put simply by our very own Max:

ss 7

ss 7.1

MAX6.TV is now online, free to watch and readily available for anyone to show their kids. So if you are concerned with the safety of your children, and want to entertain them with a catchy song and some funny animation, then why not check it out! Go to now! Or watch episode 1 here:



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