Be Seen on your Street with MAX6MUM SECURITY Letters and Numerals

Published on 9 January, 2017 | Blog

Be Seen on your Street

Self-adhesive letters and numerals from MAX6MUM SECURITY aren’t just easy to install and easy on the eye, they also help improve the overall safety of everyone inside – making them the perfect front door accessory.

Why is it Important for your Home to be Seen? 

Ever had your post or a parcel taken to the wrong house or address? Ever had a visitor driving around your street looking for your property not sure which house it is or if they’re in the right place? This is the kind of thing that happens when your house isn’t identifiable. A lost parcel and guest isn’t the end of the world, but what if the person looking for your house was a the fire department or ambulance services? And what if you needed them to find your home quickly?

The importance of having clear, easy to spot door numbers to label your home should not be overlooked! Advice from the emergency services is that all homes should be numbered or labelled in some way to make them identifiable. These letters and numerals should be emergency friendly, which means they should be easily seen in the dark, both in clarity and in the location they are installed.

Advice states numbers should be CLEAR and BOLD; if you have a long driveway then numbers should be installed on a fence or gate as well as on the front door itself.

MAX6MUM SECURITY Letters and Numerals 


Our letters and numerals are the perfect solution to emergency friendly door identification. They stand 3 inches in height and come in a clear and easy to read Times New Roman font. They are easy to install, affordable and have been made with durability in mind. Plus they can be installed on absolutely any door!

Coming in either polished chrome or polished silver, they look incredible outside the home, helping to make a property both safer and more stylish.

Self-Adhesive for Easy Fitting 


We have chosen to make our letters and numerals using self-adhesive for installation. Self-adhesive is not only the easiest way to install a the numeral to a door but it also leaves no damage or marking on the panel which screw fix products tend to do. The self-adhesive can be removed and leaves no trace, plus it can be put onto any surface, so if you wanted to fit a numeral to your fence or gate as well, you can.

The self-adhesive is made with highly industrial closed cell foam tape, making the fit to the door an extremely strong one. The tape is also waterproof which means water can’t get behind the numeral and rust, which will ensure the product stays fitted to your door for a long time!

A long Lasting Product 


As part of our Nanocoast Range of products, MAX6MUM SECURITY Letters and Numerals have been made with durability in mind. Having been made with 304 grade stainless steel, they are fully equipped to withstand the elements, including acid rain and high sea salt concentrated air. Nanocoast products are designed to withstand rusting and corrosion which can effect door hardware, meaning the product will continue to look its best even after years on your door.

To ensure your home is is easy to see and by emergency services, click here! 

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