MAX6MUM SECURITY Supports National Home Security Month

Published on 7 October, 2016 | Blog


National Home Security Month is back and we are pledging our support by showing the nation how home security can be both easy to install and affordable.

Our high quality, home security solutions are developed to help every homeowner feel safer and more secure in their own home. We strive to provide both effective and robust products at prices that are affordable for every household. We have innovated window and door security by adding features designed specifically to prevent some of the most commonly used burglary techniques.

As leaves start to fall and the dark nights roll in the number of burglaries shoots up, with a 25% rise in burglary claims last winter the importance of the campaign is as important as ever.



It’s estimated that a burglary happens every 40 second in the UK and yet it would seem not everyone is getting the message about securing their homes, with 25% of brits admitting to having no home security at all.

The National Home Security Month campaign wants to change this, with more awareness given to the dangers of theft and burglary especially in these autumn months.

Our products help you keep control over who enters your home. From our euro cylinders which have been developed to prevent lock bumping, cylinder snapping, picking and many other forced entry techniques; to door chains, viewers and innovative door knockers which have a patented self-adhesive technology.

It’s important that a home is easy to find, not only for postal services and for the sake of your mail but for the emergency services in the event you need them. That is why we supply durable, self-adhesive, and easy to read door letters and numerals.

Aside from equipping home owners with fantastic secure door hardware we also want to help improve the quality of the nation’s window security by providing products that keep both intruders from coming in, and children from falling out! The ultra-secure window locks are the number one choice for homeowners that want to protect their windows from sash levering and our lockable window restrictors limit the opening of your window to under 100mm – protecting children from falling out.

National Home Security Month will be running throughout October.


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