MAX6 Rack Bolt Set

Features Include:

Consists of 2 rack bolts and 1 security star key
Supplied with a complete set of cover plates in polished brass, white and polished chrome
Surpasses 50,000 opening cycles
Tested to BS EN 12051 for durability, fire resistance and corrosion resistance
Can be fitted to any wooden or composite door
Up to a 2 year guarantee

The MAX6 Rack Bolt Set can be installed anywhere on a door, but usually most prefer it either at the top or on the top side of the door. This makes it an ideal safety precaution if your customers have small children in the house and you want to protect them from leaving the home undetected.

The high quality rack bolt has been tested for over 500,000 cycles and ensure longevity and added security to a front door. The MAX6 Rack Bolt Set comes with all fitting screws, two rack bolts, a rack bolt key and a full set of oval and rectangle escutcheon plates in white, polished brass and polished chrome, to ensure that it matches your door hardware perfectly.

The rack bolts have surpassed BS EN 12051 standards for durability, fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be fitted to any wooden or composite door. Installation consists of drilling three holes, one for the bolt hole, one for the key hole, and one for the bolt recess. Fitting the face plates and keyhole plate is fast and easy. Each Rack Bolt Set comes with a 2 year guarantee and ensures highest quality and longevity.

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