Secure your Window, Secure your Safety with MAX6MUM SECURITY Sash Jammers

Published on 29 December, 2016 | Blog

Secure your Window

What is a Sash Jammer or Window Lock?

Sash jammers stop the levering of a windows sash leaf from the outside – greatly protecting the window from being access by an intruder.

The sash jammer is small and simple to fit device that does a big job! Once installed it physically stops the burglar from forcing open the window. More specifically it protects against an intruder prying the sash leaf from the window and forcing entry – a very common burglary method.

How Does it do This?

The sash jammer offers resistance from the inside when pressure is applied to the window from the outside. It is fitted to either the window frame or the inside panel depending on whether it is an inwards or outwards opening window (it also comes with packers to create a more secure fit to your window.) When the locking arm is moved 90 degrees to its locked position, the window is secured. It is very easy to operate even for people with arthritis or limited hand movement.

Why should Sash Jammers be Installed into Every Home? 

Window security is often overlooked. A building could be safe and well secured from all other angles, but if the window has no extra reinforcement the overall security of a home is compromised.

Sash jammers are sturdy and robust. They are a necessity if you want to ensure no one can get through a window from the outside. They are compact, discreet, simple to install and inexpensive, made with a durable metal and including secure fixings.

Where can they be Fitted? 

 When fitted properly the sash jammer proves very effective against sash levering. It is recommended that they are locked in place anytime a window is closed and unattended. Fit them on both uPVC doors and windows and by adding a couple to each downstairs window you will considerably improve home security.

MAX6MUM SECURITY Sash Jammers/ Window Locks



Prevents the levering of the windows sash leaf
Easily secured locking arm – easy to operate for people with arthritis or limited hand movement
Strong and robust for resistance against forced entry
Designed for uPVC windows
Comes with 1mm and 2mm packers
Available in white and brown

Secure your window and your safety here! 

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