Secure your Home for Less than £50 and Spend the Rest Spoiling your Loved Ones this Christmas

Published on 12 December, 2016 | Blog

All I Want for Christmas... (2)

If all you want for Christmas is to ensure the safety of your loved ones, but still want a little left over to spoil them too, then you need to be smart about security. Make sure Santa is the only one sneaking into your home this Christmas with Max6mum Security’s affordable, easy to fit and effective window and door security solutions.

Here is how you can improve home security for less then £50:

Sash Jammer 


Sash jammers stop the levering of a windows sash leaf from the outside – greatly protecting the window from being accessed by an intruder.

How does it do this? The sash jammer offers resistance from the inside when pressure is applied to the window from the outside. It is fitted to either the window frame or the inside panel depending on whether it is an inwards or outwards opening window. When the locking arm is moved 90 degrees to its locked position, the window is secured. The device is sturdy and robust, made with a durable metal and including secure fixings.

When fitted properly the lockable sash jammer proves very effective against sash levering. It is recommended that the sash jammer is locked in place anytime a window is closed and unattended.


Window Restrictor 


Window restrictors restrict the chances of falling from a window without restricting the flow of air into a home.

Approximately 4,000 children under the age of 15 fall from windows every year; but our window restrictor has been designed to prevent this from happening. The restrictor has a 20cm steel cable to limit the opening of the window so a child cannot fall out; but it still has a big enough gap for air to flow into a home freely.

Once installed, the restrictor stops the window being opened too far – with a maximum gap of 10cm. Not only is the gap too small for anyone to fall out of the window, but it is also too small for anyone to get in through the window – improving the overall security of a home.



Kitemarked Euro Cylinder 


Having a cylinder with the official BSi Kitemark is extremely important to the make sure a door is actually secure, as many none kitemarked cylinders can be breached within seconds. For less then £20 the cylinder can be replaced for one of the Max6 1 star Kitemarked euro cylinders. 

The cylinder is packed full of security features which include sacrificial cut lines on either side of the cylinder which break away when force is applied – protecting the locking mechanism and keeping it intact. This along with anti-drill pins, hardened steel anti-pick pins and the unique and patented anti-bump system creates an excellence defence against attack.

uap cylinder

Door Viewer


A door should never be opened without knowing who is on the other side. Which why to ensure a door is a secure as possible, it must have a door viewer installed. Our viewers are easy to fit, coming with a handy and unique fitting tool and they give a crystal clear viewing performance even after years of use.

The viewers are Secured by Design approved, which is the official security initiative from the Association of Chief Police Officers. Secured by Design products have been tested and have proven to help reduce the risk of burglary.


Door Chain


A door chain is a simple measure with great benefits to home security. Not only does it add even more resistance to your door for anyone trying to get in, but it can safeguard you when answering the door to someone you don’t know. Leaving a gap to talk and perhaps ask for ID but still keeping you protected.

Unlike other door chains which can break when exposed to the slightest force, extra strong door chains from MAX6 are made entirely of steel and each link has been individually machine welded for additional strength. It’s this innovative design that makes these door chains able to withstand over 100Kg of braking force.

door chain on

Door Letters and Numerals 


A good door number is essential to make a home identifiable. MAX6 letters and numerals are 3 inches in height and come in a classic and clear to read, Times Roman font. They are fitted using extra-strong, industrial closed cell foam tape which leaves no marking on the door – often caused by screws.

Having a door number is essential to the safety of a home owner and their family as it allows emergency services to find them quickly and efficiently if needed. MAX6 products are value for money and available in polished chrome and polished gold to compliment any door.


Letter Plate Shroud 

£4.33 from Tradelocks 

A letter plate shroud restricts the opening of the letter plate flaps to less just 40 degrees, which makes it increasingly difficult to fit things into a letterbox or pull something out.

This means that a hand cannot be inserted to manoeuvre any kind of tool or rod and in turn keys cannot be fished and inside thumbturn locks cannot be turned. The hidden fixings mean that screws and fixtures cannot be seen from the exterior of the door so the shroud cannot be removed from outside. Plus it allows post to be easily guided through the letterbox to the bottom of the door.

letterplate shroud

Total spent for more secure windows and doors: £49.27! 

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