See Winter through Safely with the MAX6MUM SECURITY Guide to Security, Cylinders and the BSI Kitemark

Published on 20 January, 2017 | Blog

Stay Safe this Winter with our Guide to Security and Cylinders

Christmas is over but criminals are still out in force! But we want you to stay safe this winter, so here is our guide to Security, Cylinders and the BSI Kitemark.

The winter months see the most break-ins, and even with Christmas behind us, long summer days are still far off. This is why we are urging homeowners to asses their home security in order to see out the dark winter nights safely.

With the door being the weakest part of your home, and the most targeted by intruders, we think its a good place to start when ensuring safety and security of a property.

Locks/ Cylinders and Security 

The cylinder is the part of the lock that your key goes into. Many are completely unaware of how important the cylinder actually is, with many being sold having little to no security at all. With that in mind we are asking homeowners to check whether or not their cylinder has a BSI Kitemark, and if doesn’t, to replace it with one that does. Even with a good multi point locking system, if your cylinder has no additional security features to protect against lock breaking techniques, it can take a thief just seconds to defeat your cylinder. It requires next to no skill or technique – meaning unfortunately almost anyone can do it.

The one sure way to be confident your lock can stand up against attack is to look our for the BSI Kitemark.

What the BSI Kitemark Means

It is easy to tell whether or not your lock is Kitemarked. It will simply display the Kitemark logo underneath where the key is inserted.


The Kitemark is a sign of quality and was introduced by the British Standards Institution. All Kitemarked products have undergone testing to prove their quality, and cylinders have been tested to prove they can withstand certain types of cylinder attack. There are 2 ratings for cylinders; a 1 star rating and a newly introduced 3 star rating.

1 star cylinders have security features which cover many break-in techniques, from lock bumping to, drilling attacks and picking. But 3 star cylinder also have extra protection against lock snapping, a fairly new lock breaking technique.

By ensuring your lock is either 1 star or 3 star Kitemarked you could save yourself from having a very blue January indeed.

For more on the BSI Kitemark check out their website here. 

Lock Breaking Techniques to Protect Against 

Lock Picking – This is something we have all heard of and luckily it takes a fair amount of skill to pick a cylinder. It’s unlikely an amateur could do it quickly enough to get into a home without being noticed, but just in case, the MAX6MUM SECURITY 1 star Kitemarked cylinder comes installed with 3 anti-pick pins on either side, to ensure even if a skilled picker did come knocking (so to speak) you are covered.

Drilling Attacks – Drilling out a lock is another technique which can be used, but it a load and not so subtle method. It involves drilling out the cylinder and opening the lock with a screwdriver. If you live remotely and don’t think anyone would hear if someone took a drill to your door, then our cylinder can help as it includes 4 hardened steel ant-drill pins per side.

Lock Bumping –This kind of attack is increasing across the UK and is the process of a ‘bump key’ being places into the lock and then struck with something like a hammer. This opens the lock in seconds and take no skill at all. The MAX6 Cylinder  features a patented anti-bump system like none other on the market. Other systems lock the cylinder up so anyone inside a property cannot get out, but our system leaves the lock operational from the inside.

Lock Snapping and Overhanging Locks 

lock snapping

Lock snapping is when a cylinder is snapped leaving the middle section and locking mechanism open to access. This can be done easily; the handle is removed with a crow bar or pliers and the cylinder is broken off. Our 1 star Kitemarked cylinder includes sacrificial cut lines, so when the cylinder is attacked it won’t break away in the middle leaving the weak part of the lock exposed.

However, we have straight forward advise for those who want to protect their locks from cylinder snapping attacks. Ensure the cylinder is not overhanging. If it is overhanging by 2mm or more, then it can easily be snapped. When a lock is snapped, the mechanism can be accessed and turned to the open position. An overhanging lock should be replaced and fitted correctly with a cylinder that is the correct size. Anyone can do this; just make sure you measure properly where the cylinder will go.

Our cylinder guards measure up cylinders accurately – here is how to do it.

Secure your Door – Protect your Home

Our advise is simple. Cylinder needs protecting, for additional cylinder protection check out our high security handles. We recommend installing a door viewer and door chain for overall door security and if you have a letterbox ensure it is anti-vandal or get a letterbox shroud fitted.

Stay safe this winter with MAX6MUM SECURITY!

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