Don’t Miss a Trick this Halloween with our Top 20 Home Security Tips

Published on 28 October, 2016 | Blog

The period between Halloween and bonfire night is a burglars busiest time of year – with burglary and domestic damage increasing by 160% in the Halloween period. With that said homeowners must be especially vigilant and ensure their home is as secure as possible.

Burglars can be anything from opportunists to highly calculating criminals, but they all have one thing in common, they take advantage of weaknesses in your home security. Don’t give burglars an in, protect your home from break-ins with our Top 20 Home Security Tips:


1) Lock your doors – always!

It sounds like a no-brainer but it’s not uncommon to leave your door unlocked when you’re at home. Get into the habit of locking your doors even when you’re in the house to avoid any unwelcome guests.

2) Think like a burglar

Thieves are getting smarter – and so should you. Walk around your home and take a look at the potential weaknesses. Keep an eye out for anything that might attract a burglar or anything that might be an easy way in.

3) Get rid of your spare key


Everyone does it, and every burglar knows it! Leaving a spare key under a plant pot, your garden gnome or under the matt isn’t clever and it won’t take long for a burglar to find your hiding place – however original you think it might be.

4) Keep it lit

Don’t let a burglar go unseen; ensure that there is adequate lighting outside your home. Dark corners and driveways scream out to crooks that they can get in without being noticed; and by having motion detecting lights you’ll not only deter a thief but you’ll know when someone is at your door or round the back of your house.

5) Use timers

Create the impression your home even when you’re not; set timers to have lights and the TV come on even when you aren’t there.


6) Don’t leave valuables lying around

After a day bike riding or a hard days gardening it’s easy to leave out the lawnmower or bicycle – but this is an easy target for opportunist thieves. Ensure valuables like these are not left outside but put away in a locked shed or garage.

Just as it’s easy to leave items lying around outside, it’s easy to leave things lying around inside. But nothing tempts a burglar more than a laptop lying around, money or even an expensive camera left on the coffee table. Put things away and avoid stirring their temptation.

7) Don’t leave tools and ladders outside your home


Tools and ladders left outside are an opportunist burglars dream. Don’t leave them lying around when you aren’t there, or someone else may decide to use them.

8) Upgrade your lock

Locks are the easiest way for a burglar to get into your door as many come with little security. Know your lock and do your research, it may even be worth having a locksmith install one so you can be sure it won’t easily fail.

We supply locks which are 1 star BSi Kitemarked and come with features that defend against numerous lock breaking techniques.

9) Add additional security measures

Door chains are a great additional home security feature and it’s recommended every door has one. You can use it for extra protection as you check who is calling and also to deter burglars if they do manage to open the door.

We supply both high security sliding chains and Secured by Design approved narrow chains for added protection.

10) Don’t answer the door if you don’t know who is calling

Door step crime is on the rise, with more and more intruders simply knocking on the door to get in. Don’t open up if you aren’t sure who it is or if you aren’t convinced they are who they say they are.

One way to protect yourself against door step crime and bogus callers is to install a door viewer. That way you’ll always know who is at your door before you open it.

11) Get to know your neighbours


Being social has its perks, and when you are away on holiday or at work it’s good to know someone is looking out for your property.

Plus, Neighbourhood watch schemes are proven to deter burglars – if you don’t have one already set one up where you live.

12) Install an alarm or test the one you have

An alarm is a burglar’s worst nightmare and you don’t need anything fancy or expensive to be effective against thieves.

Likewise, don’t spend all that money on an alarm system and not check its working on a regular basis.

13) Get security cameras


Not only will you be able to see what’s going on outside your property but it will make any potential thieves think again.

Can’t afford a security camera? Get the next best thing – a dummy one.

14) Use signs

Signs are a fantastic deterrent from burglary. Hang a neighbourhood watch sign or beware of the dog to make crooks think twice.

15) Don’t label your keys


If you lose your keys and they have either your name or address on, it’s easy to guess what will happen next.

16) Lock sheds and garages

Just as you wouldn’t leave your house unlocked all day whilst out, or all night while you sleep, lock up your sheds and garages!

17) Don’t forget your windows


Additional door security is common place, but many overlook their windows. There are many inexpensive window locks and sash jammers that can be purchased to enhance window security.

18) Trim your bushes

No, having a neat and tidy garden doesn’t deter intruders, but having a very visible front door and window does. If your windows and door are in full view from the street, a potential burglar would have to work in the open where they can easily be seen. Don’t make it easy for them to go unnoticed!

19) Dispose of boxes and packaging


Nothing could be more of a tell-tale sign that you have expensive items in your home then the boxes and packaging left in your outdoor bin or outside your property – get rid and quick.

20) Don’t announce where you are on social media

Whether you’re on holiday, out for the night or just at work, anyone can be a potential threat to your property, even someone you know, so keep quiet and keep safe.

Still not sure about your safety? We have a range of products that can help you get through this autumn and winter without any unwelcome guests. Check out the MAX6MUM SECURITY range and upgrade your security!

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