What is cylinder snapping?

Published on 8 May, 2018 | Blog

Cylinder snapping is thought to account for a quarter of all break-ins. It can take just seconds for an intruder to exploit weaknesses in door cylinders and break a standard euro cylinder to gain access to your property.

Unfortunately, even with a good multipoint locking system, a weak cylinder is vulnerable to snapping attacks.

Is your home protected against Cylinder Snapping?

Thieves exploit the weakest part of the cylinder, which lies at the central screw position. When force is applied the lock simply snaps exposing the door’s locking mechanism.

Once snapped, it makes it easy to manipulate the lock into opening using tools such as a screw driver.

Installing the correct size cylinder is vital in protecting your home against cylinder snapping. Cylinders can be snapped if they protrude as little as 2mm from the outside door handle – so make sure you have the correct size cylinder fitted to your door so it sits flush to the door handle.

To be confident that your door security is protected against possible attacks, it’s essential to install a cylinder that incorporates added security features.

Max6 1* Kitemarked Cylinder

The cylinder has a Sacrificial cut on each side, so when force is applied to either end, the cylinder will break away to the sacrificial cut line only, leaving the remaining cylinder operational and the locking mechanism intact. Find out more here!

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