MAX6 Window Lock (Sash Jammer)

Features Include:

Designed for uPVC windows and doors
Prevents the levering of the sash or door leaf
Easily secured with the twist of the sash jammer handle
Offers resistance to deter forced entry
Comes with 1mm and 2mm packers
Available in white and brown finishes

A simple installation of a MAX6Window Lock (Sash Jammer) can make a major difference in the way your home is protected from intruders and burglars!

It is essential to remember that your home can easily be a target of a burglar and taking even the smallest steps to making their entry into your home more difficult can essentially slow them down enough to give up. A very common burglary method with uPVC windows is to lever the door or sash leaf of the window, which creates a gap and allows access to locks etc.

The MAX6 Sash Window Lock is placed to prevent the levering of the door or sash leaf of the window, thus blocking the movement and therefore entry from the outside. With a simple turn of the window lock arm, you are protected:


Each pack comes with 2 MAX6MUM SECURITY Sash Jammers and can be fitted either to a uPVC door or uPVC window. Though generally you can use each on a separate opening of your home, you can choose to fix both to a single door or window for added security. They are very simple to install and come with step by step instructions. They are very effective and inexpensive, and are designed to blend in with the hardware of your door or window.

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