MAX6 Lockable Window Restrictor

wr fitting 1       wr fitting 2 wr fitting 3

1. You will first need to decide where on your window you want to put the restrictor. We suggest that you fit the window restrictor in the middle of the longest side opposite the hinges.

2. Take the locking system (C) and remove the plastic cap. To remove the cap, hold both sides of the plastic cap, and press down on where the key goes in (C1). This will make the locking system pop out.

3. Place the locking system on the window frame (1A) (it does not matter if the key hole is at the top or bottom). Mark the 2 screw holes on the window frame using a pencil.

4. Using a drill or screwdriver, screw two self-drilling screws (A) into the locking system to secure it to the window.

5. Take the steel cable (B) and place the knuckle end (shaped like a T) into the locking system already fixed to the window. Place the other end on the fixed window panel (2B) (making sure that the cable is not tight and has length for the window to open around 10cm – see diagrams 1 and 2), and pull the plastic cap away from the end of the cable (a bit of plastic preventing the cap from locking will fall out, throw this in the bin).

6. Mark the 2 screw holes on the end of the cable using a pencil.

7. Using a drill or screwdriver, screw two self-drilling screws (A) into the end of the cable to secure it to the panel.

8. Once both parts are secure to the window, check to make sure the cable fits into the locking system. Take the key (D), place it into the locking system and make sure it locks and releases the cable.

9. Lock the cable into the locking system and open the window. This should allow the window to open approximately 10cm.

10. If everything works correctly, remove the cable from the locking system and attach the plastic cap by pressing it securely onto the locking system. On the end of the cable, attach the plastic cap.

How to Use

If there is a window within your baby’s reach that is easy to open, then our baby proof window restrictor is your best solution. At all times is it recommended that you keep the window restrictor locked to prevent children accidentally opening the windows and falling out. The restrictor is designed so that it allows ventilation into a room without having the window fully wide open, which can be very dangerous. If you do require the window to open fully wide, use the key to unlock the restrictor, and remove the knuckle from the locking system. This will allow the window to operate normally. Remember to lock the restrictor afterwards, by placing the knuckle back into the locking system and locking it with the key.

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